ST-01 Speed Gate

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ST-01 Speed gate

with 3 Different Swing Panel Options

The ST-01 provides an elegant,
contactless access control solution.


Turnstile passage directions




IP41 Protection class



with ATG-300H Swing Panels

with ATG-300 Swing Panels

with ATG-425 Swing Panels

Fitting Products

WMD-06 Motorized Swing Gate

BH-06 Tempered Glass Railing

BH-02 Railing System

IC-03 Card Capture Reader

Delivery set

  • Two gate posts with built-in electronics
  • Two glass swing panels
  • Double-sided section with built-in electronics and two swing panels (optional)
  • Remote control panel

ST-01 is available in two versions: with a standard 650 mm or an extended 900 mm passageway. The extended version provides comfortable access for people in wheelchairs and people carrying bulky goods. Fail-safe operation ensures free passage in an emergency case.

The number of the passage zones can be increased with STD-01 double-sided section installation. Each double-sided section creates one extra passageway.

The tracking system is equipped with two levels of intrusion detectors, 14 in the upper level and 28 in the lower level, which guarantees passage security at high throughput rate and provides protection from unauthorized simultaneous passage of two or more people.

Indication modules of the passageway direction are located on front ends of gate posts of the turnstile. Indication modules of the passage grant/denial are located in the user line-of-sight range on the speed gate central post allowing quick passage completion.

The speed gate provides the possibility of proximity card readers’ installation under the glass top cover inside the posts.

In emergency situations after receiving a signal from an ACS or an emergency button the swing panels are opened in a predetermined direction, in case of a power loss the swing panels are unlocked.

The equipment can operate as an operating device as a part of ACS or as a standalone unit operated from the RC panel.

Standard delivery set contains the RC panel.

Operating voltage
12 V DC
Power consumption
160 W
Consumption current
6.5 A
Number of passage directions
Throughput rate (in the single passage mode)
60 persons/min
ATG-300H Dimensions (length×width×height)
1820×1050×1300 mm
ATG-300 Dimensions (length×width×height)
1820×1050×1010 mm
ATG-425 Dimensions (length×width×height)
1820×1300×1010 mm
Passageway width
650 mm
Operating temperature range, under shelter
from +1 °C to +50 °C
Gate Post
Stainless steel
stainless steel
Filler panel (for gate posts)
8 mm tempered glass
Top covers and swing panels
10 mm tempered glass
Warranty period
5 years from the date of sale of the product

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