WMD-06 Motorized Swing Gate

Indoor Swing gate with optional 650mm or 900mm tempered glass swing panels

The WMD-06 motorized swing gate with glass panel for indoor use is an up-market model that offers an elegant solution for entrance points of banks, administrative buildings, business centers and other sites with the highest requirements for design and comfort.

The WMD-06 features a tempered glass swing panel available in two versions: a standard panel (650 mm) or an extended panel (900 mm) for convenient wheel-chair access. In emergency situations the gate with the extended swing panel can be used as an additional emergency exit.


Turnstile passage directions




IP41 Protection class



Fitting Products

BH-06 Tempered Glass Railing

ST-01 Speed Gate

TB-01 Box Tripod Turnstile

TTR-08 Compact Tripod Turnstile

Delivery set

  • gate post with built-in electronics
  • tempered glass swing panel 650/900 mm
  • remote control panel


Fail-safe operation provides gate unlocking in case of fire alarm or if the electricity is down.

The WMD-06 gates can be installed in pairs facing each other. In this case the 2 gates will be able to provide well-synchronized operation being controlled by one control signal.

The transparent glass panel is fitted with the matt tape along the top edge that helps to prevent people from bumping into the glass.

Operating voltage
24 V DC
Consumption current
4.4 A
Throughput rate
12 persons/min
Dimensions w/ extended gate (length×width×height) 1045×147×1012 mm
Dimensions w/ standard gate (length×width×height) 795×147×1012 mm
Passageway width
700mm / 950 mm (extended)
Operating temperature range, under shelter
from +1 °C to +50 °C
IP Code
Optional colour
Blue (RAL 5010)
Blue (RAL 5010)
Warranty period
3 years from the date of sale of the product

Blue (RAL 5010)

The warranty period is 3 (three) years from the date of sale of the product.