IRP-01 Reader Post with LCD display

Contactless Reader

IRP-01 reader post is an elegant solution designed to read proximity cards and to display the information if the access is granted or not.

turnstiles 12 volts



IP41 Protection class


Fitting Products

ST-01 Speed Gate

WHD-05 Electromechanical Swing Door

BH-02 Railing System

TTD-08 Box Tripod Turnstile

The reader post operates through two types of interfaces – RS-485 and Wiegand. The output format must be selected and set at the time of installation.

The housing is made in the form of stainless steel post with radio-transparent top cover made of glass.

Under the top cover there are a reader control board and an LCD display with animated indication of operational modes.

The card reading is confirmed by an audible signal.

Card reading distance:

EM-Marin cards – not less than 7 cm
HID – not less than 6 cm

Operating voltage
12 V DC
Consumption current
150 mA
Standard Interface
Standard Interface
Operating temperature range, under shelter
from +1 °C to +40 °C
IP Code
Warranty period
3 years from the date of sale of the product